ÖZKA Tyre, which stands out among the industrial giants of Turkey with its strong production in the agricultural and construction machinery tires sector, came together with sector representatives from all over the world at the International Agriculture, Garden and Livestock Machinery Fair EIMA held in Bologna, Italy. In EIMA 2021, attended by approximately 2000 exhibitors and 350,000 visitors from 40 countries, ÖZKA Tyre attracted attention with its innovative product range that closely follows the trends.

EIMA 2021, which brings together sector representatives from all over the world and has international importance in the field of agriculture, was held this time between 19-23 October 2021, after being postponed last year due to the pandemic.

Global brand ÖZKA Tyre, with its 65 sm stand, welcomed its visitors from all over the world with its wide product range of agricultural and industrial tyres. Having met with great interest in EIMA, where it participated for the second time, ÖZKA Tyre has closely followed the developments and global trends in Italy and the surrounding markets, where it sells through its dealer channel since 2016.

Offering a wide product range of agricultural and industrial tyres, ÖZKA Tyre has a 9% share in the Italian market of global brands that compete has market share. ÖZKA aims to grow by 25% in the Italian market in 2022.

'We anticipate the needs of the industry in a timely manner and determine our strategy accordingly.'

ÖZKA Tyre Board Member Mr Ali Rıza Kanık underlines that the EIMA Fair is not limited to the potential of Italy alone, that there is a high level of participation from the European market and that they, as ÖZKA, received great interest. Mr Kanık said, “We have successfully left behind a critical and important fair in terms of following new opportunities, new product and technology needs, and market dynamics. In addition to the distributors and dealers, we also met with the satisfaction of the end-users in Italy. Therefore, it was fair where we integrated with the end-user. We see that the trend towards radial tyres is increasing in the European market. Developing technology also triggers this. With the completion of our investment in 2020, we have increased our capacity by 55% and we are making most of this capacity investment in radial tyres. By 2022, there will be a capacity increase of 14%. In other words, we foresee the needs of the sector in a timely manner and determine our strategies accordingly. 


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