The installation competition organized by ÖZKA Tyres, which leads the agricultural and industrial tyre industry with its strong production capability and wide product range, was concluded within the scope of the motto "World of Art". Fırat Özbey from the Department of Interior Architecture won the first place in the competition with his work named "Chained & Strong", while Şeyma Nur Kemal from the Department of Interior Architecture won the second place with her work named "Bend".


The installation competition started by ÖZKA Tyres, a brand that believes in the creative and healing power of art in every field, with the motto "World of Art", has concluded. Students of Sculpture, Photography, Ceramics, Interior Architecture, Graphic Design, Art Teaching, Radio, Cinema and Television, Public Relations and Publicity, Advertising, Visual Communication Design departments participated in the competition, which was organized with Kocaeli University and sheds light on the art of installation in the Tyre industry, unlike traditional art. ÖZKA Tyres Board Member Nur Kanık, ÖZKA Tyre Marketing Director Hamide Eravcı Pulat, Muhabbet Advertising Agency Co-Founders Emrah Karpuzcu and Kenan Ünsal, KOÜ GSF Ceramics Department Assoc. Nermin Demirkol, KOÜ FFA Department of Sculpture, Dr. Instructor Member H. Yarkın Biçer, KOÜ Interior Architecture Department Res. See. Dr. Emine Begüm Savçın and Painting Artist Yusuf Aygeç were the juries of the competition.

Fırat Özbey, with his work named “Chained & Strong”, the winner of the competition, which brings an innovative perspective to the sector and supports art and young artists, depicted arithmetically interlocked chains with the inspiration he got from unity and commitment. Fırat Özbey, drawing attention to the importance ÖZKA attaches to unity, its quality, durability and the difference it has made as it progresses to be number one in the world, won the Apple Iphone 13 Pro as the winner of the competition. Şeyma Nur Kemal, a student of Kocaeli University Department of Interior Architecture, who was awarded the second place, depicted the transition from difficult turns with her work called “The Bend”. With the work adorned with ÖZKA's iconic Tyre pattern print, Şeyma Nur Kemal won a gift certificate of 8 thousand TL. The winners received their awards from ÖZKA Tyres Marketing Director Hamide Eravcı Pulat and ÖZKA Tyre Marketing Manager Barlas Üsü.

A Brand that Values ​​Art and Young People's Perspectives…

Relying on the original and creative perspective of young people, ÖZKA Tyres leads the industry in order to support design ideas, highlight the artistic concept in every field, and bring an innovative perspective to the industry. ÖZKA Tyres, which draws attention with its strong production infrastructure and wide product range in the agricultural and construction machinery Tyres sector, is taking firm steps forward to become a world brand in its sector with its ever-increasing production capacity and expanding distribution network. ÖZKA Tyres sees its employees as the basis of sustainable growth with its nearly 1500 employment and plans and implements their participation in activities such as fairs, seminars and training both at home and abroad. Bringing together its young and dynamic staff with experienced managers, ÖZKA Tyre continues its rapid growth in more than 80 countries around the world.


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